Need a higher powered blower for heater/ac


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Jul 25, 2001
What vehicle's blower for the heater and a/c will work for the GN. This thing barely blows any air. I would like something with more power. Thanks
Chevy Caprice Blower..

When I got my Regal the blower sounded crappy and didnt have a whole lot of power either. I had a 1987 Chevy Caprice that I was parting out ( 46,000 miles only) the blowers are the same, The Caprice blower seemed a little bit beter, it blows good. Also take off the screen on the cowl area and check for any blockages in there, leaves, dead animals :D stuff like that, mine was full of leaves and a-corns......Hope this helped a litttle...
Could it just be you could need a new heater blower motor resistor and that would be the end of that. My beater is a '91 Caprice and when I first got it, I thought the blower sucks, but then I replaced the heater blower motor resistor with a new one, and bingo, works like new, it's great.