Need auto transport recommendations please!


On Lucky #7
May 23, 2001
Looking to potentially have a car shipped in the near future and need recommendations. Would need to be picked up in the Las Vegas area and hauled to the Birmingham, Al. area.

Would want it enclosed and the company to be insured and properly licensed of course..

I appreciate any information you guys can provide. Thanks!

Talk to Jeff Shaffer, owner of The Car Shipping Company

He probably won't be the cheapest but he brought my car from Florida to Hawaii with no issues. If you value your car stay away from the lowballers. Lots of horror stories.
Try Ronnie at Auto Regal Transport. 954 727-1866 or 954 727-5277 or 818 760-5058. Tell him Rob Smith in Jax Fl sent you.

He shipped 2 1968 Z28's to me from NC to Fla for $1200. I sold a 1969 Dodge Coronet to a guy in New York and he sent it from Fl to NY for $900. I just shipped a mint 1972 4wd Blazer from NC to Denver for $1500. All enclosed.