need before friday!!!!


Buick Tweaker
i want to go to track this friday once again before i pull my hot-air motor out does anyone have a race chip for 84-85 computer with stock injectors i could buy or borrow for this friday ?

i would really love to see the 12's before i i/c it and have several 13:0's with stock chip..

sorry that sucks i just sold my caspers chip with about 20 miles on it last week paid 160 and i sold it to a guy for 40-45.00 i would have gave it to you. I have a chip in my car when i got it the guy said it was a after market chip but it does not say any thing on it , he said it was a chip from jays but it probley stock. Let me know if you go to the track and i'll be there . Like to see that car of yours and that viper race. I could get there early and trade turbos for the night , i have to check the o ring i think iam getting a little oil from it. but i'll help you any way i can buddy just let me know.
I just shipped my ATR pitbull street chip to Hotsix - that thing has 26* of timing!! It probably would have worked for ya.

Wish I could help ya out.
LEE THOMPSON is ending out one hope the mail gets here guess that all depends on if they can once again fly again..

KEVIN : i dought i'll want to change the turbo this week but it would be neet to see what the difference would be..
are you saying you'd like to see the viper leave me like im in reverse?

NOCOOLER : thanks for the responce


Red - good luck at the track. I could have gone to the garage and grabbed that Pitbull chip for ya....glad you got set up. I'm still at no start by the way....he's lookin at it this Friday - we'll see. Tell us all how ya do.

i know thats not suppose to happen and i hope it wont but all i can do is try

i am going back to my stock torqe converter before friday too since i changed it to 121 inch 2800 the car loost 2 1/2 tenths and right at 3 mph so im going back to stock and i will have 26 and 27 inch tires with me ..

if things dont work out friday for some reason i will try to go on sunday...:cool:
Hey Red

I was wondering if you could post your setup???

Thanx Aaron