Need help ID'ing rearend gears


Rearend came out of an 87 Turbo T. I am the one who removed the rearend from the car and I drove the car...I have no reason to believe its anything other than a factory rearend. The rear is an 8.5. I need to ID the gears in it because some guy that was going to buy it is telling me it has a non-posi 2.73? gear in it. Any way to ID these parts? The gears are GM factory gears. I dont debate it being a non-posi..just the ratio he told me. It looks to have an 8.5" ring gear in it.
You can count the teeth on the ring and pinion gears.

3.42 = 41 ring and 12 pinion

2.73 = 41 ring and 15 pinion

John :smile: