need help installing alky kit


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okay guys, i hope someone in here can help me. i resently purchased a spearco water injection kit. the instructions for this kit are very vague and do not give specific instructions on installation. okay i have drilled, tapped and installed spray nosal down stream of my turbo,by the way it's a hot air t type. here's the problem i know that the hose coming from the nosal goes to the pump which gets fed from the tank, here's my problem i'm using the included boost sensing switch to regulate the switching on and off of the spray at boost. i also know that this goes to a line down stream of the boost. the problem is the reference line on the top of the tank , do i also use it if i'm using the boost sensor or do i plug this line. thanks, hope you can help me.
I think I understand your question... Things like punctuation and complete sentances would really help us all out though...

I would use the boost reference line to the tank. It shouldn't affect the switch that turns the pump on at all.

One benefit of the reference line is that it raises the suction pressure of the pump, which raises the discharge pressure of the pump, which should give you better flow and atomization. If you don't have the tank referenced to boost, then as the boost pressure goes up, and the pump discharge pressure goes up, but the pump suction pressure stays the same, the pump has to work harder and harder to overcome the boost pressure and the flow drops.

With a hot air car, a boost reference line means the tank will be under a vacuum when you are not in the boost. So hopefully it is a well sealed tank, or else you'll create a vacuum leak. If that's the case then don't use the reference line, the negatives of a vac leak would outweight the positives of helping out the pump.

On the other hand, not having the reference line means you'll have a positive pressure difference between the tank (which is at atm pressure) and the intake (at vac) when cruising; that might siphon your alky out when cruising around. Another good reason to use the reference line.

Hope that helps