Need Help On A Rebuild It Seems Asap????


Okay guys my engines out, it had a pretty bad knock so i opened her up and it is a piston knock. What would be the most reliable way to fix this problem i dont think the bearings or none of the other stuff got hurt but i will replace them anyways.

It looks like the number six piston i think was replace cause it looks brand new so my question is can i do the same thing to the number 1# piston since that was the one that's giving me knock. or should i just go with a basic cheap reliable rebuild????? Keep in mind im a little tight in money right know, am i going to have to smooth out the cylinder wall's plz help as i dont know what to do and im in a hurry cause it's my friends only ride right know,!!!!!:( :confused: can some one give a link or phone # were to call to order a set of good cheap pistons and bearings for right know .

College is the reason his hloding back on a stage 2 hehehe:) thanx guys later.