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I recently purchased a car that the transmission has been rebuilt. It has some markings and a tag attached to the bell housing. Also trying to figure out what converter I have as well. Any help would be much appreciated.

There are no known issues at this time. I'm just curious about what I have.


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Well, I'm no expert but, the housing shot with the tag looks like it could be a 2004r trans. The tag is definitely not a 2004r tag, and is in the wrong location for one. Is there a tag on the right side of the housing, near the tailshaft opening? Look at some pictures in the sticky section at the top of the trans forum. Sorry, know next to nothing about converter.
This is definitely a 200R4 as it has the BRF tag on the right side of the trans. Whoever rebuilt this one, attached the tag in the photos to the left side of the bell housing.