Need Help With Miss


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Car is all stock & has a miss at idle. It misses real bad when it is first started but you rev it up for a couple sec's it just has a minor mist at idle but runs fine when you are driving no miss at all but if you stop at a stop sign it starts missing again till you take off again. ant ideas thanks jim
start with simple stuff like checking plugs and wires. Do all the plugs look the same? then try swapping out your coil/module with known good ones from a good running car, if that is an option. I'd also check and reset stuff like tps and iac just for the hell of it, and check for vacuum leaks. did it just start doing this? just some ideas

Got the miss at idle fix now it falls on it's face when you step on it. But the fuel pressure drops to almost 10lbs. & the o2 sig on turbo-link drops so low it doesn't register. Some i guess a fuel pump is next.