Need help with troubleshooting


RIP Ruka Jean
Feb 28, 2006
I just bought a TTA and am having problems with it running poorly. First off I don't have a scanmaster hooked up yet. I used a gm scan tool and the only code that popped up was a 34 so I replaced the maf and it ran the same. I then replaced the map sensor and the code went away but ran the same. It runs way rich for about 3-4 minutes, the fans kick on it starts to stumble and then dies. Starts right back up then dies right away. Fuel pressure is 38 psi with the line on. I hear some clicking noises after the car dies with the key on, it sounds like it is coming from under the coilpack, as if something was shorting out. I also noticed when the scan tool is hooked up and the clicking starts the check engine light starts freaking out. I think this car is possesed.

Here is a description of car.
new fuel filter,plugs,wires,coilpack,fluids,map sensor,maf is good,fuel pump and I will throw on I new fpr tonight. I will be taking this car to the Lake George car show in 2 weeks so I need to get this sorted out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, AJ

I don't know but I have a new one. It didn't throw a code for it though.