Need some spark plug clips question answered for me


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Ok, this is for the low mile 100% original guys - I see there's two sets of the little clips that arrange & hold the spark plug wires together on the driver's side, but now I'm seeing that there's two on the passenger side as well; I didn't know that. I thought there was on only one - the lower one. So where does the upper one, or the one that's closer to the coil pack hook on to? Anyone with any info for me? Can I have a pic? Also looking for really close up detailed pics of the entire engine bay on 100% original engine bay. Anyone have that? :)
The upper one is different. It doesnt clip to anything, just hold the wires.


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Ahhhh I see. Really nice engine bay too; soo jealous. I'm gettin' there though! So is that clip thinner than the rest of them? Or is that the factory clip that's lower in the pic & your own concoction of zip ties right above it?

And that little protector on the top of that bolt sticking out that's holding the clamp that's holding what's looking like the cruise control cable - was that factory or did you put that there. And do you shine your plug wires or is that how they came.
The cap on the stud is factory.
The zip ties is how I assemble the wires so theh can be installed in order. I make these wires. The holder below it is the factory holder.