Need Tire Help ASAP!!!


May 30, 2001
I have 15x8 weld drag lites with 4.5" backspacing. I have am getting a set of 275/60 BFG's. Some say they rub, some say they don't. Anyone run this combination. I'd like to know this before i mounted the tires on the wheels.

as long as you upper and lower rear control arm bushings are good you will be fine.
I am running 8x16" wheels with 4" backspacing and 255x50x16 radials. I have about 1/2 inch clearance between the tire and the frame. My opinion is that with your 41/2" backspace they will rub.
I tried the same size BFG on my Welds, 15x7 with 3.5" backspacing and they fit as long as the car stayed in the garage! Pretty close to the frame on the driver's side wheelwell towards the rear of the well. I think if I jacked the car way up they would be OK if you like that look. (I don't) Sure wish BFG would make a drag radial in the 255/60 15" size!
i had the exact combo on my car-it didnt rub and i had 4.5" bs-by the way the tires are brand new and for sale $100.00 for both plus shipping-matt
I have 275X60's on Centerline 8" with 4"BS and they are very close to the frame.....also have aluminum guess is, they will rub the frame
Don't worry about it. Go out and get some 2" long lug studs for a Regal at your local auto parts store (about a buck a piece) and pick up some 7/16" spacers and you'll be good to go, no problem. ;)
RedRegalT is right on. I'd try without spacers & check frame clearance, probably will be too close, but spacers & long lugs will get them correct. Too little bs & the tires will rub the fenders & spacers won't help.

My wheels are 3.5" Back spacing. I have another set for a firebird that are 4.5" Back spacing. I mounted my tires and put them on. I have good clearance between the frame. If i hit a BIG bump going kinda fast, the wheel well will barely rub. Airbags are gonna be here now. I am thinking about 225/70's in the front. Will they work?? What sizes do you guys recomend?
225/70's are a little tall. 235/60's would look a little better. GN rear springs tend to sag in back so a taller tire back there doesn't really need a tall tire in front to balance the look.