Needed: OTC Monitor 85 manual


Fixer of crap..
I recently acquired an OTC Monitor 85 scanner and am trying to find a manual.

Doesn't seem to be anything on the internet in PDF format and I contact OTC tech support and they said they don't have one either. They did say that if I do find one, they would like to have it.

That being said, does anyone have a manual for the thing in electronic format, or be willing to send me a regular one that I can scan and return?

Shawn in Ohio (fixing up his 83 T type)
What year is your car? I think that only works on 81 to 85 vehicles. I remember reading something on here a long time ago . Look up member b4black he has early regals. good luck$_57.JPG

Is this what it looks like?
Id keep watching ebay and see if you can come across a copy.
Success!!! I guy from the Corvette form was able to supply me with a scanned copy of the manual. I'll email it to the OTC folks and anybody else that may want it.

Shawn - 83ttype (at)