nevermind got the trip thing...speedo question please


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Nov 5, 2003
I'm sorry to ask so many questions but can someone go look at their GN and tell me where the needle rests while its parked? Mine was at 15mph and now its laying flat below the 5mph even...not sure if this is where its supposed to start off?
Where you have it is good. (Below the 5) I put mine there, at the position I could remember seeing it in the past. When it was all back together, it matched the computer perfectly. I know of no way to reference a specific mark, so you'll just have to put it "approximately" where it goes and check it against the computer readings.
i think I've actually fixed something on my own LOL....I just took it a drive around the neighborhood and it seemed to work excited...and all i did was kinda move the speedo needle back forth with my fingers gently till it kind of reset itself...
Yeah but now I'm worried I've got the trip thing reading wrong which would screw up my mileage...could I have altered that at all by moving the needle with my hands to get it to reset? It says I drove 8 tenths of a mile but I don't think I drove near that far checking the speedo.....
No. You must have gone further than you thought. I can't see any way you could have accidentally changed it.
Good me either...didn't know that if I pushed it too far one way if for some reason the car would think I was going way faster than it read. But i don't think thats possible is it? Oh well just to be safe I'm going to have my girlfriend follow me around the block in her car and then compare mileage when we get back.
The speedo could read wrong, but I don't think the odometer will be effected in any way. That takes gear changes in the unit, or wrong sized tires etc. Do you have a scan toool like Scanmaster? This will read the computer's speed readings and let you see if the speedo is right.
When you get it installed, make sure you get to a steady speed before relying on the speed it tells you to be accurate. There is a slight delay in the update of this number as your speed changes. It will tell you for sure if you are ok on the dial.
Ok she followed me and its ok....and she followed along side me and she showed 29mph and i showed around 28 or 28 so I guess i'm fine for so happy :D