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Nov 9, 2010
Hello all,

First off my name is Luke, I do not own a Buick. I was recommended to this site for alky questions.

I have a '02 GTP with a dual nozzle alkycontrol kit into the LIM.. everything is installed and working great, I just finished tuning and I like where I am... I am spraying 100% methanol

I have a question though, any of you have a way to monitor your consumption of Methanol? I was wondering if there was a simple way or something I could mount inline? My thoughts currently were some sort of timer that kicks on whenever my pressure light goes from red to green... using that number and the number of gallons my tank holds i could have a close guess to the time it takes to drain my tank...

Pleas give me any thoughts, hopefully I am not starting a wasted thread i looked for something like this in the threads below and didnt come across it...

The only way is to monitor pressure. If you know the pressure.. and you know the nozzle size.. then you know the flow into the motor.

Volume = Pressure x Orfice(nozzle size)

Green light comes on at 50 PSI.. but if your running 100 PSI.. the math is off.

You have a low level switch in the tank.. it comes on.. fill up the tank.
Thanks for the reply...

I have two M5 nozzles so in the equation would that be equal to one M10 nozzle?? I am running ~9 PSI max, the pump comes on at 6 PSI... so i guess I can make a guestimation of that... I just want to know somewhere abouts when i will run out... The low level sensor is great, but I was hoping to calculate a total run time under boost before I run out...


How long is the run?

Give you an easier way. mark the tank with tape, sharpee, etc.. make a run and refil. See how much you needed to use to refill.

Then drain your tank. measure how many ounces it holds.. divide your usage by the volume of the tank.

No way to determine without how big the tank is, exactly how much pressure, etc..