New comp cams dutile rollers

I had the same question myself - at least you got a reply.

comp has a new line of high energy hyd. roller turbo cams out.
(this is how it reads in my new comp cam book)

hyd roller - good replacment for stock cam,works well with stock computer - number 258hr - 800/5200 operating range advertised dur 258/258 @.050 206/206 lift is 496/496 110 lobe speeration

hyd roller - stock or aftermarket turbo,downpipe and computer mods - number 264hr - 1200-5800 operating range advertised duration 264/264 @.050 212/212 lift is 504/504 110 lobe seperation

hyd roller - serious high performance aftermarket turbo.downpipe intercooler prefered needs computer mods or aftermarket computer - 269hr - 1500-6200 operating range 269/264advertised duration@.050 218/212 lift is .511/.504 lobe seperation is 112

I have comp numbers if you would like to have them

I think I am going to go with the 264hr - not lookin to set the world on its ear. but I havent been bitin by the turbo bug to hard yet either :D


1987 gn - rebuilding - short block almost ready:)
I like that one also- dont forget to figure your roller rocker ratio for the lift-it will make it alittle higher.-mine are T&D s 1.55 s. Do you have the part numbers for these cams?
sure I got numbers

k-kit numbers - 258hr - k69-200-8
264hr - k69-300-8
269hr - k69-400-8

sk-kit numbers - 258hr - sk69-200-8
264hr - sk69-300-8
269hr - sk69 - 400-8
the sk-kit has a notation - *stock springs can not be used with this cam - springs numbers are - 26915-12 - premium springs
number is 26918-12

cl-kit numbers - 258hr - cl-200-8
264hr - cl69-300-8
269hr - cl69-400-8
again - the cl kit has a notation * stock springs can not be used with this cam - spring number is 26918-12

I'm goin with the k-kit for cam number 264hr. the k-kit comes with
264hr cam
matched valve springs
valve locks
valve stem seals
timing chain set
this eliminates all the guess work with the springs and such

the sk-kit come with cam and lifetersand timing set
the cl-kit come with cam and lifters
all come with assembly lube,decals,and instructions

amazin what you find out when you read a book:D
hope that helps ya,

1987 gn short block almost done - now that I know which cam to go with - jus gotta figure out the rest of the combo:confused: