New England Dragway meet???



Anyone interested in doing a New England Dragway meet in Epping, NH?
NE Dragway

I am at the track around a couple of times a month, especially since Friday's are a street night now too. Unfortunatly both my car's are apart right now, but I still attend to laugh at "ricer's". I know of a couple of people that are on the board, who are there regularly, and a few more that would go if notified. Let me know when you are going up.;)
I am going this wed April 24th......I am trying to get as many GN guys down there as possible...IM bringin a whole slew of people....Anything from Supercharged Mustangs, to TT Supra's to GN' id love to meet up with anyone if any of you have the time....Thanks
My friend is bringing his Turbo AWD talon wich ran a 13.7 wit a slipping clutch....he thinks his DSM is all that....Would anyone like to shut him up about DSM's since he thinks that GNs are crap....well mine at least....Yes we will all be down there wed.....So PLEASE SHOW UP wit ur GNS/ i could use someones advice as to what is wrong wit my car at WOT...Thanks...
This Friday Night any GN guys going? I want to go when there are some GN guys going...I need some help with my car....Id apreciate it if someone would come....Thanks let me know

Sleeper 87, Did you go up wed?? I was there, and saw only one car from Maine, and it didn't match the cars you were talking about. There was an 87 GN from NH, & a GN converted wagon...but that's all I saw. I won't be back up until 5/8. What's the problem with your car??:confused:
im going down today........if it doesnt rain...I WILL NOT be racing my car unlesss someone comes down and helps me figure out my problem thanks...
Alright.....When is the next time some of you guys are going down to New England Dragway......Cause when u boyz go...Id like to go....Thanks....
I'll drop you a line when I'm headed up again. Judging form your last posts the engine does'nt sound to good:(
Im going down today, and hopefully friday ill have my fuel pump in unless one of you peeps wanna get paid and help me do it lol.....I got all my mods but no one wants to help me install it :-( ...Thanks lemme know whos going
Bring the car to Cottons before you go to the track.

Call him and get an estimate for what you want done. :)

well, if I lived over in that area I'd help you out, just ask, right Allen ? later...

John C.
LedSLED Motorsports