new guy/non Tb owner needs help


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Dec 28, 2003
Hello, I'm a neon owner but I've always followed the GMHTP scene. I used to race my camaro when I lived up in Maryland with Tri State GM.

There is an 85 T-Type advertised in the local paper is as follows: Buick Regal T Type, 1985. Brand new turbo 3.8 motor. $2500 OBO. Middleburg 904-282-xxxx or 904-704-xxxx.

Not being too familiar with the G bodies, 3.8 turbos, can I get some info on what should be looked for on an 85?

Thanks in advance.
In my opinion, I would look for a 1986/87 turbo Buick. They are intercooled. You came to the right place to learn. Take a few weeks and read the posts on this board. Learn by the mistakes we all made. This is a VERY knowledgable group of people here. Do not rush into this!!
I don't plan on rushing into anything. I have wanted one since i learned what they were. I've always been a huge fan of G Bodies. My first car was an 84 Monte.

I saw this ad and thought I would run it by the experts on this board. 2500 seems to be a great price for a Ttype to start with.
Don't expect mind blowing performance from the hot air. The 86/87 will definitely give you a good bang for the buck when it comes to 1/4 blasts.

But $2500 obo is pretty damn good, so if the car is in good shape I'd pick it up. Cracked exhaust manifolds are the norm, and as long as the rebuild was done by a professional it should be pretty good.
Can I add an intercooler to a non intercooled car and expect close to the same performance? Or are the engines different?
There are alot of differences but it is possible to convert a hotair car to an '86/'87 intercooled setup without really getting into the engine. Check out the hotair section of this board for more info. Another option is the Alky injection route and no intercooler, one of the members here actually removed the intercooler from his car and is just using Alky for cooling. The $2500 sound like a really good price if the car is in descent shape and it would be a good starting point to get into the TR's. Good luck with whatever you choose.