New Hood Pad install advice


Apr 3, 2005
Bought new NOS style 8 hole hood. Bringing it to the print shop to get the lettering put on it match the old one.


What is the actual color? looks like a silver color? Anyone try a different color?
Any Install advice? Looks like a three person job if I don't take off the hood off
What about the the ninth hole? forget it or create a hole on the new one to support the middle

Bought new plastic push ins supports from highway stars. One thing I did notice about the new one is a lot thinner than the old 9 hole one.
Let us know how it turns out. Don't worry about the missing hole. Parts stores carry the push pins too.
The printing place I went to would only make me a Stencil which would be ready by next Friday for about $60.00. They stated the would not want to try since the material was to porous and would have to many bleeding issues. Once I have it completed i will post a pic There was another post on here about someone doing the same thing so hopefully it will look as good as their's. Funny thing is they made them 30 years ago. By the time the project is completed I will have about 280.00 into it.