New Powermaster losing power, as in electric power. Anyone had a bad wire with one of these?


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Apr 16, 2007
Replaced original power master after 26 years and 160,000 miles because of bad seals. New unit from Kirban rebuilt by cardone. Installed and worked for about 3 weeks and maybe 300 miles. Now it's losing power as in I lose brake assist and the dash light doesn't come on. Dash light also doesn't come on when I start the car as it has no power at all. I know when it's back online because the brake light comes on when the system is pressurizing. Goes in an out intermittently. Any idea where bad wire might be and why it just started with new unit?? Never had this problem with old one. Also, probably unrelated but worth mentioning, the brake switch for my brake lights has been getting stuck on to where my brake lights will stay lit but not the third brake light. If I reach under the dash and mess with it they go out. I ordered a new switch yesterday. That problem started two months ago.