new radiator and oil cooler


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I need a new radiator, but I'm on a budget, so I'm gonna go with a f-body radiator. I know it doesnt have a cooler for the engine oil, so I'm wondering what would be a decent external cooler to get, and where and how are the best ways to mount external coolers, both tranny and oil, for somebody who doesnt have any way to fabricate brackets right now. Thanks for any help.
well, I've had an external trans cooler, I just figured with the $118, for the radiator, I could get a remote oil cooler for under $50 bucks, cause the budget is really tight right now, but I need a new radiator very soon. Thanks for the help.
I thought, with the aluminum F-body radiator, you could use the internal cooler for the oil cooler and use your existing, remote cooler for the trans, as you do now. Please correct me if I'm wrong because this is what I'd planned to do.:confused:
Why not recore your radiator?

I had mine recored for $150 - thats cheaper than a F-body radiator & an external oil cooler.

nah, there is a large pressure differential between the tranny fluid and the engine oil, which does not allow you to run oil through the built in oil cooler. However, some of the larger B & M transmission coolers do allow you to run oil through them.