New Speedometer


Apr 23, 2023
I am looking at replacing my existing 145MPH Speedometer. A few of the gauges have issues and the speedometer fluctuates pretty bad. I was looking at the Dakota Digital RTX. Does anyone have experience with this or another brand? Thanks.
I have no first hand experience with any of the aftermarket gauge clusters, but another company to consider is GNS Performance.

My WE4 had the digital dash and I'm not a fan of the looks, I prefer the analog over the digital OEM options, just my personal opinion. I do plan to replace the digital dash with one from GNS.

Whatever you decide to get make sure to post up pics once done!
Fluctuation especially at low speed usually comes from the cable binding a bit, not usually the gauge.
There is a spot you can disconnect the two haves of the cable near the powermaster location and lube it, it runs downhill to the dash area so not too much spray lithium grease is needed or it can get into the gauge itself and mess up the lettering/numbers.
IF you can separate it there after all these years it might help.
Just my .02.