New tires for 16" rim


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Aug 24, 2017
I'm looking for new tires and thinking about downsizing mine from 245/50R16's because they have always rubbed a bit on the frame and the wheel well when turned to the extreme. It's not a track car. Has anyone put smaller tires on the front like 225/50R16's?

Tirerack seems to have several different type of 245/50R16s in stock but I'de rather not get them again if the 225/50R16s will work. I think they will fit but I don't often hear of people using that size. The 245/50R16s only rub when turned all the way but over time it does wear them down a bit on the inside and the edge.
The GNX front wheel wells were modified to fit 245 50 16 tires. I think they replaced part of inner lower plastic panel with something else. I had a shop heat and reform that area to help clearance with my 245 tires years ago. They don’t rub anymore in full turns of steering wheel.
Are people running with 245/45R16 in the front? I have 255/50R16 in the back and they're fine. Tirerack has a Ricken 245/50 for $120 so I might just try it. The rubbing is really not too bad unless I really turn it all the way. I've been living with it for twenty years :)
Just looked at the pricing for the 245/45R16s and they must be uncommon. Most are around $200 ea vs $100 for the 255/50R16...
I downsized my front tires after switching to coilovers as the 245/50s were catching the fender on large bumps (aftermarket brakes increased front track width). Two best options would be the Continental Extreme Contact Sport or the General GMAX RS (both on Tire Rack $165 & $141). I'm using:
Front: 225/50/16 Continental Extreme Contact Sport
Rear: 255/50/16 Mickey Thompson ET S/S