new tires


Death by boost
I just ordered some 17X8 fronts and 17X9 rears for my 87 and I am looking for suggestions for good street tires. I am wanting to do 245/45/17 up front and 255/45/17 in the rear. I have MT drag radials for the track so I just want some good all around street tires that will stick well. Any thoughts?
These are pretty nasty huh??

They work pretty good. Most importantly to me - they ride fairly decent. I had some Yokohoma's on it before that made my car pretty squirrelly. I did not realize how bad they were until I put the Sessentas on.

They also have a very interesting tread pattern to them.

They look pretty wicked man. Never heard of them before.

They are a Dutch tire. I've spent several years living in the Netherlands and grew very fond of Dutch women (including my Dutch wife) and other things there. They have been importing bicycle tires to the US for years, and just started recently importing car tires into the US market to a large extent.

I like the tires on my car, but then again, I am a bit partial to the Dutch!