new to 3.8 help


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I have a few questions about the 3.8s becouse im new to them. I would like to swap one in my 91 s10 with a 2.8 t5. I would like to swap in a pre 87, but are there bolt patterns the bop pattern, and are they 60 or 90*? Are the 88 and ups the 60* universal? Are the 87 and earlier engines a 90*, what about the 88 and up? So could i use a 4.3 mount? Any help would be great.
All Buick 3.8's have a 90 degree cylinder bank design. I know all the rear wheel drive blocks use the conventional BOP bellhousing. FWD blocks are still a 90* cylinder bank design but have the bellhousing design of a 2.8L 60 degree Chevy V6.

4.3 mounts will most likely not work. Check with Advance Adapters, they do a lot of the Chevy V8 conversion kits for S-10's and I believe they may have an answer for you on the Buick. In their conversion guide they say they offer motor mounts, bellhousings, and adapters.

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yea, ive looked into advanced adapters, ill email them about mounts.what auto OD transmission did they use in buicks.
you are really limited to a 200-4R with the BOP bolt pattern. This is a very good choice. You could always use any Chevy bolt pattern trans with yet another adapter.