New TR6 got codes


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Feb 20, 2008
Car would not start, cam sensor was so close but I set it right on 25 degree was 27. Checked a few things under the steering wheel for lose wires and fuses. Found nothing out of place.
Car started got 5 codes.
Code 54 ?
Code 42 41 I did unplug the 2 step from the ECU and removed the wires to the 12volt ,ground and brake switch before installing TR6. I’ll remove all the 2 step wiring tomorrow and check ECU and powerlogger connection.
Code 23 15 see nothing that should give me these codes under the hood.
Power-logger or scanmaster G would not clear these codes disconnected battery codes cleared then returned less than 10 second after startup.
Very rich! Raw fuel out of the tell pipe
Alky was not working test button would not spray .
The TR6 is remote mount Caspers wiring ,TR6 has good ground ,small ground wire out of TR6 to coil pack grounded good. And wire at coil pack grounded good. I strongly suspect the connections to powerlogger and 2Step
I’ll be checking all under dashboard wiring tomorrow.

So any hints to particularly things I should be pay more attention to?
I’m so dumb 2step is between ECU. Unplug the box you have a open at B4 through the signal harness.
Lesson Don’t get in a big hurry to play with your new toy.

I created my own problem sorry for wasting time and space in this form.