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carmelo gaudite

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May 2, 2004
Just bought a 93 Ty (new owner) with 88 K miles in it completely stock and in excellent condition, she runs good and smooth but I'm longing for more power. I would like to know what's the best way to get to mid 12's with this truck and the approximate cost? I am from Philly anyone closer to me?
First thing buy datamaster to log runs so you dont blow it up. Then put alki on it.
The 2nd thing you need to do is to go to and read,read, post & read. There's quite a few owners up your beck of the woods, check the Northeast forum at SyTy
power adders for Ty

thanks for the replies guys it was very informative, that was my very first on this forum and I also realized that sy/ty owners are special breed of people just like the Buick guys . I will try to hook up with a local tuner and see what we can do with a mild build up down mid to low 12s without compromising reliability, if u know of any please shoot me a mail, thanks
This will get you to your goals. I would be very wary of what performance shop you bring it to. SyTy's are finicky and the typical turbo shop may screw it up.

Things that will go quickly if you boost launch it, will be the propshaft, motor mounts and transmission (especially with a bigger turbo)
mild build up for street use

thanks Dave I'm already gathering my resources to build this Ty for street duty and I'll take my time and make sure listen very well to the people who been there before.