New "Window Rattle Book"


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Feb 19, 2003
Somehow I ended up with two of these. So before I put it on ebay, I'd like to offer it to you guys first- price is $15.00 shipped to your door in the lower 48 states. Here is the description that I got off Kirban's website:

"Part #6739
"How to Eliminate Window Rattles and Wind Noise" Book

By Peter Serio. As you well know, most Regals suffer from poor windows adjustments, causing rattles, wind noise and water leaks. Because of the many necessary adjustments, it's been difficult to solve these problems even with your mechanics help.

This book addresses these problems along with easy-to-understand adjustments to solve them. It's designed with a spiral edge, allowing the pages to open flat to view the step-by-step instructions and illustrations. Learn how to do the "Dollar Bill Test" to check your window seals, how to install the door sill weatherstrip, how to adjust for wind noise, and much more. The information in this 50+ page book covers any 1984-87 Regal or G-body cars.

The information was compiled by Pete Serio, who worked at a Buick dealership for many years when these cars were new. His job included much warranty work, which included solving window rattles and wind noise.

Pete has attended several show events with us, including the GS Nationals and is always busy working on customer's cars. He has also offered this window adjustment service by appointment at our location.
He has photographed the various steps and written clear instructions for those who would like to make the window adjustments themselves, or to pass along to their regular mechanic.
Price: $19.95 " I think shipping is around $6