New Yank whines @ high rpm


Feb 28, 2004
I just installed a new Yank 10", 3200 stall, with Kevlar clutches on Friday. It seems to have a slight whine at high rpm under load (above 4500). Is this a common thing? I searched the archives for Yank and saw some people had problems with them, but that was from about two years ago. It had a "chatter" in it when I first fired it up, but it went away within 2 seconds. I figure it just wasn't completely full of tranny fluid. Driveability of the car is way better now and I have no complaints about the converter other than the whine. If this is a common thing I will live with it, it's not unbearable. Thanks

Did you have an 1/8 to 3/16 clearance between conv. & flexplate before bolting it up?

I didn't Call Mike about the converter yet, I was waiting to see if others had the same experience with the same/similar setups.

As far as the clearance goes I didn't realize it was critical so I didn't measure it. If I had to make a guesstimate as to the clearance though I would say that it was possibly less than 1/8", but not by much. Had I realized it was crucial I certainly would have checked the clearance. Could this be bad? I've never heard of checking that before, and If I had I've forgotten.

The whine seems to be lessening as I get more miles on the converter, it's almost unnoticeable now. (it had about 35 at the time of the original post, it now has about 90.) However, I haven't been able to give it a full mash on the loud pedal as my Drag Radials aren't on yet and anything past 1/2 throttle and the car does the Macarena. :D :cool: Thanks for the replies