New Years Resolutions... What Are They


Starvin Like Marvin...
Aug 9, 2009
Mine are

Rent A Small House

lose 50 pounds. I was sick and lost about 5

Engine rebuild on my T-type

Start Taking some Night Classes in foriegn Langage (Arabic, Portugese, Swahili) I already speak a bit of spanish.

Taking A Forklift Training Course

Get My CDL

Start A Small Repair Shop

Take A Vacation (somewhere nice)

Start/Produce my First Novice Album...
Thats all I can think of for now...
New suspension for the car. GNS watch out.
18 inch wheels and tires.
Baer brakes front and rear
pick up as many free calendars as i can from banks, grocery stores, gas stations, and wherever else they give them out... because the only thing a new year means is that you need to get a new calendar... oh, and remember to put "2016" on any form that i need to put a date on..
My New Years resolution has been repeating for the last several years.

I gave up giving up shidt.
I won't eat fast food more than once a day.
I'll keep my curse words under 1000 a day.
I'll obey all posted speed limit signs.
I'll stop having impure thoughts about every woman I see.
I'll stop farting in public. I've been told its not funny.
I won't ask for sex every 2 minutes.
Brake upgrade and install fast xfi.
Day nine. I'm holding on to the last one.
Loose some freaking weight...........ya that's gonna happen!
Get my Ltd deep into 11's..................I better work on the weight