Newbie Help


Sep 10, 2001
I must finally change my stock 53K turbo because it died. I already have a brand new Limit TA61 with a stock exhaust housing. I've got 30lbs injectors, so I must buy injectors and a chip at a minimum. Now the 60lbs or 79lbs injectors are not all that expensive, but here's the question. I have a 7-8 year old XP fuel pump. Is that adequate for E85 with 60lbs or 79lbs injectors and a TA61 blowing say 25psi? I don't know that I'll ever turn it up that high, but I might. I'm not chasing any ETs, but I do want as much MPH as possible.
I should have added that I have a stock engine with valve springs, stock intercooler, 3" downpipe going on with the turbo, a 3" cat back, and almost all of the basic bolt ons.