next upgrade


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heres the deal

my car has the following:


valve springs (comp cams 980-12s)
reds xp+ fuel pump
caspers hot wire kit
adj fuel pressure regulator
fuel pressure gauge
boost gauge (auto meter -30 to +30)
air bags
magnicore 10mm wires, new coil pack
chip - modern muscle car 93 octane, for stock injectors and turbo
3" MAF pipe & K&N Filter
stock replacement exhaust
american racing 15x8 rears and 15x7 fronts

parts i have and need to install:
an adjustable wastegate (just gotta find it)
an EGT gauge
rear cross braces


performance transmisions rebuild
welded diff
new clutches
high volume pump
deep sump pan
(same trans is going 9's in different car)
9" art carr 3200 stall non-lock converter

plan on getting a direct scan in the near future (as soon as the company i work for will buy me laptop)

pictures are located here:

i was thinking 42.5 injectors red armstrong chips
percision GT32-55 turbo or perhaps the GT35 turbo (i really have the trans for a bigger turbo)
3" downpipe & exhaust
SMC Alcohol Injection
Engine tie down strap
i have a 70mm upper plenum and 70mm throddle body, but i think it might be too much for my car

70k on the engine 2k on the trans

I would love to have some suggestions as to an upgrade path. I'd like to be in the mid 11s.


Get the exhaust and let that thing breath before you bother with other mods that will be restricted by the stock. After I'd get the strap to save your mounts and then go with a turbo. Injectors after and alcohol if you need it last.

Mike at is the local man to ask if you need parts.
first things first

You need to def get a dp i sa 3" thdp with dumper because that stock dp is 2.5" but goes to 2.25" near the cat and than the cat is way to restricitive so get that out of there, than go with whole fuel system injectors 42.5 #'s are nice but if you ever want to port and polish heads i say go with 55#'s + chip , fuel pump, hot wire kit, volt booster,adj fp reg., adj wastegate, power plate, valve springs, after fuel system than go with bigger turbo and intercooler, after that run the car see what #'s she is pushin than you know where you stand, but you must do fuel system before turbo or else kaboom. :eek: