Nitrous & P.P ?


Sep 22, 2001
Hey everyone , ive been working on installing the NX kit i have . I was thinking of adding the RJC power plate and Precision plenum . Any one out there Spraying (Old definition) Have any thoughts on this or will i be Ok without it . Has any one seen problems on the rear Cyl and plugs with the Juice ? Thx. :p
I think if anything it would help not hurt. Just make sure your fuel system is up to par.

Sumped cell , Big Paxton inline , AN 8 line to the rail . On the race side filled w/ C-16 . Stock tank intank to the same AN8 for the Street gas and low boost no Juice. :p
Ok..just making sure :D

Cant ever have too much in that dept..especially if yer spraying. I was thinking methanol instead of fuel. But that a whole other story. Some guys running propane instead of fuel as well..

It will work good. I ran my nitrous and power plate for a year and no problems. :D
Just installed nos late last fall. I only sprayed it a few times on the street and once at the track. I run a fogger nozzle jetted for 50hp installed in the up pipe. I also run a power plate. I never saw any knock retard on my scanmaster when spraying so I figure it must be distributing atleast half way decent. What I would love to do is psray nos and propane through the fogger nozzel instead of nos and gas. I think that would be kick ass.

OK great . How Did you do with the Juice? i see in your sig youve got some mods there .
Like I said I only sprayed once. First 100 ft I ran 10 psi and no nos. Hit the nos, boost jumped to 20, ran a 12.58@116. Cant really get much from that run other than good mph for 20 psi. I run high stall non lock up so I never really mph that great anyway. I figure that at approx 20psi and 50 hit full track and 8 psi launch I could probably run 11.40 @ 118. I figure this would be no problem because I can launch hard enough to get in the 11's at only 110mph.
Ill have much better input next spring.

HTH: Jason
so the boost jumped 10lbs from the 50 shot , i thought it was like a 3lb increase ? So you hit it off the line ?
Well..... I was forced to make a I dont know where the hell I'm at pass. So I said what the hell and lowered my boost all the way. I was running a single delta gate that day. So I ran basically spring pressure only (no counter air pressure to the diaphragm). I launched at idle, pulled a 1.98 60', ran out maybe 100', then hit the nos. The boost then went to about 20 it might have been 22 and I started trucking pretty good. Now I run stock heads and cam so the 116 mph is pretty good for 20 psi. If I ran a lock up convertor I would have been 118 to 120. Like I said though it wasnt a good test at all for measuring the potential of it.
I can say that it appears to work pretty damn good. Especially when you consider I bought the kit used from a buddy for $160!! It really kicks the turbo right in the ass and makes it spool. It seamed like 1/2 to 1 second delay after hitting it them boom! Hmmm... wrong choice of words :D its more liike woooosh! Up comes the boost and the ride starts.
If you post an new topic like "nos input and results" I'm sure you'll get some real good input from the guys who can answere your questions much better. ( I dont mind giving my input at all, its just that I don't have much input to give YET!)
As far as the boost jump goes, it seams to me that when I researched before I got mine, it looked like around 7psi was the norm. I also imagine that will greatly very with amount sprayed and type of waste gate set up your running.

HTH: Jason

ps: Man I want to put:
1. race gas
2. propane
3. nos
4. compressed air (not from turbo)
5. alcohol

all in my motor at the same time! but hey I'm f'n crazy :eek: . I'll have to change my name on this board to "Sir Mix Alot".