Nitrous users..please read...

I am thinking of adding a NOS nitrous kit to my car. My friend got one a long time ago for his GN, but never put it on. Of course the instructions are gone. I know from years of big block NOS abused cars how every thing works. What I don't know is the proper jetting sequences. I know that in a high fuel pressure sit. as on our cars you run less fuel jet than NOS jet. Sorry to be bothersome, but does anyone know the jet sizes for 100-75-50 shots on this kit.

Thanks a lot

The jet size is as follows:
50hp= 37NO2 + 22 fuel
75hp= 41NO2 + 26 fuel
100hp= 46NO2 +30 fuel
125hp= 50NO2 + 35 fuel

These are the jet sizes that I use and they seem to work great. On the 100 to 125 shot you can go as high as a 42 pill on the fuel side, it just depended what your O2 counts are. Be careful and start conservative at first and then progress. It is a blast. Have fun and good luck.

Just wanted to say thanks for the info. Gonna make some passes with the bigger Intercooler I just put on and after it's tuned it, Here comes the spray.

Thanks again

PS- What kind of typical gains do you get with the N2O?

My car has gone some 7.40's 1/8 mile with the stock IC, I'm hoping to get in the low 30 range with the V4 IC. Think the spray could get me in the 6.90 range?
With the 50 shot I picked up 4/10 and 6mph in the quater. Just remember, when you spray the 50 , it gave me 3 extra pounds of boost. So you need to adjust accordingly. ie.. if you are running 18 psi now- the 50 will give you 21 psi without changing anything. Keep in mind fuel, fuel, fuel. Lets us know how you do.
I wonder how much boost gain you'd see if you moved the boost reference from the compressor discharge to the intake manifold?

On mine I hardly saw a pound of increase when spraying a 75 on top of 28 psi. I use a top and bottom connected deltagate though, and the boost ref is the manifold in my case.

I plumbed my system into the intercooler up pipe about 8in. in front of the throttle body. I was waiting for a plate to be designed that would inject the spray behind the throttle body straight into the plenum. Don't know if that is going to happen. Anglefire had started one but no other word has been seen on this. I guess I'll stick with what I have for now.