NL converter install question


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I am about to install a non-lockup 9" Art Carr torque converter , is there anything I need to do to the tranny before or during the install ? I was just wondering what will happen when the ecm commands the tranny to lock-up a non-lockup converter. Do I just simply disconnect the 4 prong plug ?

it does have a heavy duty B&M external cooler in series with the stock cooler.

Thanks in advance

First of all you will love the ET change (gain of at least .5). You do need to install the nonlockup valve kit in the pump. The ecm does not control any shifting, just lockup commands and trans switches report gear selections. TCC solenoid will be just along for the ride, nothing to change there. install new front seal, fill convertor with around five quarts of fluid and carefully install fully into trans. convertor mounting ears are not threaded like factory convertor so you wikll need three grade 8 bolts, washers and locknuts to bolt to flexplate. Good luck