No Boost


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Mar 7, 2002
Just finished installing a new radiator on my '87 GN and other than some minor Trans line fitting problems it went ok, but now I get no boost. I believe I have connected all lines and don't see anything disconneted. I do have a boost gauge and even went I put the gas peddle to the floor I get nothing, although the turbo lights on the dask do come on. This is my first experience with a turbo and don't have a clue what to look for, anyone have any idea's.confused:
Perhaps the wastegate came unhooked or one of the hoses to the intercooler/throttle body slipped. Outside of that, there's nothing really in the area of the radiator that should affect you.
Sounds to me like the aftermarket boost gauge is disconnected somehow, since the factory boost gauge is still working. A common location for aftermarket gauge installation boost source, is from the hard black plastic line that runs from the p/s fenderwell along the back of the engine. You should find a 'T' fitting along this somewhere with your aftermarket gauge boost line nearby...but not connected :)
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Thanks, John I will recheck those hose you suggested. I may have knocked something lose when I was replacing the radiator.
Jim, should the stock boost light indicators stop working when an aftermarket boost gauge is install? When I stalled the gauge last week the lights and the new gauge both worked, although the new gauge was very slow to respond and would only show boost when I floored the car.