no brake lights


Feb 13, 2009
ok guys im totally stumped on this one..brake lights and hazzards just quit working..ive replaced all the bulbs..cleaned the sockets real good..put fresh bulbs in..nothing...checked and changed the fuse marked stop and hazzards and checked for power with a test light..good..checked grounds in the trunk everything is good...replaced brake light switch..everything else works turn signals,taillights, reverse lights..and third brake light..just no brake lights or hazzards...all the wires in the trunk harness are good..and have power..and yes i did put the rite bulbs in if the fuse is good and the brakelight switch is good and the third brake light works why cant i get the brakelights to work...what am i overlooking...any help would be greatly appreciated:confused:
Sounds like a turn signal cam switch, in the steering column. If all other connections are good, there isn't much left to check. If I remember correctly the signal from the brake switch goes up into the turn signal cam so it can "interrupt" that signal (left or right) and make it blink for the turn signal. A test light and a wiring diagram to confirm this before you start pulling the steering wheel, would be a good idea though. I think the third brake light comes from a different switch, that explains why it still works.
GN Head is spot on.

The turn signal mechanism in the column does the switching.

There is one other thing you can check though. Pull the cover under the column. There is a long flat connector plug that goes up to the turn signal switch and carries the brake signal through it. Pull that plug apart and check the connections. I've seen problems there before.

If thats not it, your switch in the column is prolly shot.


thank you to every one who has replied to this is that white wire i plan to replace the turn signal cam this weekend...and put in the new turnsignal guys know your stuff...and everyone has been so helpful...thanks everyone....
That's a great diagnosis. You can't go wrong asking on these forums because almost everything has been experienced by someone. :)