No drill transbrake button steering wheel mount


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Jun 28, 2001
I've got three of these left. Powder coated black with stainless hardware. Fit GN wheel spoke without drilling. Laser cut from 12 gauge steel.
25 shipped.
PayPal is


* button is not included at that price
* this is the only pic I have right now. They're at powdercoat right now. I'm not taking 35 pics of a button holder. Sorry.
I've got 24 in stock, and 12 that will hold two buttons. One above and one below the spoke.
Do you have the buttons(switch's) available also? Interested in the 2 button holder with 2 switch's. Thanks Bob
I have one button with coil cord in stock, I just get them from Jeg's. The ashtray mount will need a button with tabs rather than the coil cord.