No power at AC compressor plug.

Kevin Cribbs

New Member
After letting the car sit for awhile the A/C stopped working. I have went through all of the typical problems and have figured out there is no 12V going to the compressor. I have jumped the low pressure switch and the a/c relay kicks on. The relay is good but I also jumped it to make sure that wasn't it. The ac fuse and ecm sol fuse are good. The wiring harness looks ok so I didn't dig into that to trace it down. I plan on refilling the system because it is low just need to cycle compressor on. Not sure where to look now.
Did you give 12v to the compressor clutch to see if you could get it to engage? What about jumping the pressure switch is there 12v there when you have the AC on in the car? Just have to pay attention as that belt will get ya if you aren't paying attention.
I can not get the compressor to kick on. Going to look at it again just realized looking at old threads there is more than one plug on the compressor.
Measure between the battery ground and the light green wire on the A/C cutout relay do you have +12 on that wire?

A/C in the ON position of course, key in the RUN position.
So 12v right to the compressor clutch will pull it in? And you are saying that the pressure switch has 12v and you are jumping it? With the ohm meter does the wire from the pressure switch to the compressor show continuity? Not sure that is a direct shot but I think it is. Have to get to chasing wires and see where the wire at the compressor goes and see if it is in good shape.