No power from ignitionswitch to starter solenoid


My starter quit the other day, with ignition on I could hear the fuel pump working, instument lights were on but when I turned the key to start no click from the starter but the instrument and radio lights faded out. After trying a couple of times I could feel the fusibel links from the solenoid were very warm.
I suspected a short somewhere so I removed the starter ( witch tested ok ) and replaced it with a new ministarter I had.
Replaced the starter switch and tried again , no start , but this time the " volts " light did notwork and the radio lights just went out when I turned the key
I get zero volts at the purple wire from the starter switch when I turn the key
WTF !! ??
13,1 volts ,fresh charged battery , 12,6 V trying to crank.
Crank position on the key only works in P and R positions on the shifter so I assume the starter switch is adjusted correct