No spark


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Sep 7, 2022
Having an issue get my GN to fire up. The car was running in the garage and suddenly smoke started pouring off the coil. Before I could race around the car to shut it off it cut out on its own. Upon inspection there was a huge crack in the coil with a hard cold weld type substance coming out.
So without hesitation I ordered and installed a new coil and ignition module as the looks of it was all original. After installing the car still wouldn’t fire. So I checked for power at the plug for the ignition module and there was power. I figured the Chinese made Duralast module must be junk so I went and got an AC Delco one and installed it same thing, no fire.
I’m thinking something else must of happened to cause the car to quit and now preventing it from running at all.
Any direction that someone could point me in would be appreciate.

double check that you wired the module and coil together correctly

then check fuses
Post up a pic. of the coil pack and module area in the car.
Check the fuses in the fuse box, all of them.