No start condition---help me

Sep 8, 2001
On a 30 degree night after starting the car and waiting a minute or so, i brake boosted the car and went wot two times. After that the car acted funny like it wanted to shut off. Later that night and the next day i drove the car for about 15 minutes on the highway. The car drove fine.

On the third day while i was backing out of the driveway the car just shut off on me. I tried to restart and it did not fire. After about three tries it fired for two seconds and then shut off followed by some funny nioses coming out of the engine. Since then the car only cranks.

The injectors are pulsing according to the noid light i put on it. And I am getting spark. All fuses look good. Fuel pump is priming and i am getting fuel pressure.So what gives?!?!

My car has 95k miles, maybe the timing chain skipped a beat or broke? Is this a good conclusion? (geez, i hope my valves did not bend)
Is the pump coming back on after cranking the engine for a few seconds?

Did you check for spark on at least three plugs on the same side?

Take a look in the oil fill and see if the rocker arms are moving.
I know that if i turn the key to off position and turn it on the pump primes.

I only checked spark on two plugs on the opposite side of each other.

I just took a look at the oil fill hole and did see the rocker arms cycling when the engine was being cranked for about three seconds. I gues this indicates the chain is still holding up right?

My scanmaster II shows no a 0 rpm value when i crank the engine. I wonder if thats normal.
the chain is not broken - it may have skiped - I have never seen that happen, but I have read about the possibility.

The reason to check spark on all three of one side is to be sure the coil and module is working. If it is working on all one side - then the other side should be working too.

The crank sensor could be bad, but then I do not believe you would see any spark. Even with bad sensors, the fuel pump will prime, but then for the pump to re start it must get some signal from the sensors - or at least the crank sensor
Scanmaster should show 300 to 400 rpm while cranking with the starter.
I had a bad ignition module cause a no start - may not be your problem, but it was mine. Crank sensor as earlier mentioned, could also be the problem.
This is what i followed to trouble shoot the car. This was from another popular post

No start- no spark, has inj pulse = Ign Module

No start- w/spark, no inj pulse = ECM / Cam sesnsor <--Sounds like you are here!

No start- no spark, no inj pulse = Crank sensor or Ign module "

I did not check spark for three plugs on one side. So that may be it. I only checked two plugs and assumed that was enough.

My reasoning was with any spark shouldn't the car at least try to kick on?
My car is now with a GN mechanic. He told me the car has low compression numbers and asked if i blew my headgasket.

I did not see no smoke coming from my taipipe and the oil looked like oil. So i told him no. He will be checking the timig belt now which needs to be changed anywayz. I will keep you guyz posted.

The chain skipped big time(6-8 teeth), and there was many missing teeth. My mechanic said i must have bent rods and valves from this and said basically i need a rebuid. Now i gotta look for another car to drive to work and park the GN for a while.