No Starter.....Still


Aug 19, 2002
Batt died totally. Car sat for maybe 4 weeks without being started, finally bought a battery, installed, and while all electrical other than starter seems fine, when keyed to "Start" NOTHING happenes - not even an amp draw at all (Lights on - dont dim when keyed)

Batt solenoid terminal was funky- unscrewed the bolt, removed cleaned everything up with a dremel and wire wheel and reassembled - Nothing

Next, I hooked a test lead up to the small soleniod terminal connected to a voltmeter + and keyed to "Start" - voltmeter shows 11.06 Volts when keyed. Checked the larger batt terminal too - 12.68 Volts

.....even whacked starter with hammer (thinking stuck brushes) while wife held ignition keyed to "start" - still nothing

This car has the factory "security" system. Is there a way of testing around this system ?? disabling it ?? Should "Security" blink while keying to start ?? I've cycled through locking the doors and unlocking them with the door key

any help you can give is greatly appreciated. IF its the starter, fine....I'll replace but it didn't give any signs of going bad....just one day works/next doesn't which is kind of suspicious to me......

Another test you can do is to take an old headlight or trunk bulb with test leads on it.

Take the purple wire OFF the small terminal completely.

Put one end of the purple wire on the bulb lead and the other lead from the bulb to a good battery ground.

If it lights up with the IGN key turned to ON then there should be enough current to kick the solenoid in. And the wiring is fine to the car.

Then it would be time to pull the starter.