non talyored chip, 40lb injectors


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
You all know i have had a lot of problems with my car in the past few weeks. I think i know what it is .I bought 40lb red striped injectors and two JLchips for someone on here ,i put in the injectors but still have the 85 ecm and a caspers 8 pos chip that is non talyored for stock injectors ,i never put the 87 ecm and 87 chips for the 40lb injectors . will this mack my car run bad have had problems with fuel press , the chip wont make it boost higher then 13psi and it idles bad and want stay running now. I cant even get it to idle under 1400 rpm.what will this make my car do.

thank for any help

yes i am a jack ---
yeah, 40's are a little fat for a chip made for stock injectors. I know 30's aren't bad, and 36's have been done, but not too well. Idle and WOT suffers. Call Joe Lubrant, he'll make you an awesome chip. Or convert, and then make use of your new chips.
Crazy, you hit that on right on dude - call Joe or someone else and have him burn ya a chip for the 85ecm and 40lbs injectors, unless you wanna step up the ecm.
i can't believe it actually ran at all:confused:

get a chip and you should be set.
Don't run the car like that. Mine wouldn't start and eventually froze up trying to start it. I guess all the fuel washed the oil off the cylinder walls. I had to squirt oil in all the sparkplug holes and use a breaker bar to free it up. It's amazing it ever hit the 12s. I'm with WFO, I can't believe it started and ran.
It started to run good from playing with it but it would not let me adj anything it felt like a 13-14sec car at 13-14 psi , i tryed to set the IAC and would not idle under1400rpm . Then it just started to die all the time , smells like its running very rich hard to tell with the 110 cam2. and that ran good with stock down pipe.

thank guys maybe this will put me in the 12- 13 sec run now.

sperco intercooler
40lb red stripes
lt1 springs
new headers
307 pump - hot wired
adj reg
160 stat
flow master ex
test pipe
have 87 ecm
have JoeL 93 and 110 chips
atr up and down pipe will be on this week
and ram air kit on the way
87 rad
Did I read that right???

Did you run an 87 chip in an 85 ECM??? AND IT STARTED UP AND RAN!!!??? :confused:
No i was running the 85 ecm and chip but the chip is for stock injectors and i am running 40lb injectors. I have the 87 ecm and 87 chips for 40lb injectors at home just need a 87 maf and mat.
when i fix th chip problem and change my stock down pipe to the atr do you think this will fix my bad idle and my power that is not there in the high rpm's.,should this go 12-13 when fixed if its tuned right.

thanks guys