Northwest Musclecar Meet


May 29, 2001
The show is Sunday, July 22 10am-4pm at the Pierce County Fairgrounds - 21718 Meridian East (South of Puyallup).

Anybody want to join me in showing the other muscle car guys what Turbo Buicks are all about ?

I've never showed my Grand National before. But after enjoying last year's show, I decided I wanted to participate this year.

It's a "show and shine" event for only American made muscle cars. It's sponsored by the Northwest Pontiac club, but had good representation from all manufacturer types. Last year had a few nice GS & GSX's, but no Turbo Buicks :(

Even if ya just want to come out to see some nice muscle cars, come on out.
We didn't win a damned thing :mad:

Actually, it was alright for my first showing ever. There were about 8 Buicks and they lumped all the GS and Turbo Buick into one class. The other Grand National did win 2nd place in it's class. We might have got 2nd place, but we arrived an hour and a half after voting had started. So we lost the early votes. Oh well, my bad.

Had a good time anyway. We showed it with the engine hood up and the t-tops off. Received a few compliments and had some good discussions with lookers.

About 120 cars showed up. A lot of Pontiacs & Camaros. A few Mopars & Chevys. Only a couple AMC and Fords. We really enjoy the low keyed atmosphere and good folks, so we'll do it again next year. It's the only Musclecar show I'm aware of in the area.
To bad about the late show and loss the early votes. Glad you had a great time. I have been busy with chasing bugs with mine. Trans acting up and now I have a multable missfire :(
Took it to the Buick dealer today for help, Man those guys were all over the car looking at it :D some had never seen one.
To bad they could fix it, but no charge for the visit :)