NOS 8 Hole Hood Insulating Pad


Feb 25, 2006
This hood insulation pad was purchased a number of years ago from Kirban when he first offered them for sale. I stored it away above my car in the garage until I recently replaced it with a 9 hole pad.
When I opened up the box I was surprised to notice some spots on the pad (see pictures). I even looked with a magnifying glass but can see no damage other than the loss of color. If you have an idea as to cause, please let me know. Because of this I am offering it for sale at $200.
The sale is for pick-up only (I live in far NE Phila....19115). I noticed a prior post which said that all items for sale should be offered to all viewers. In this regard I will be happy to ship it to you; however, you are to determine shipping and will be shipped from 19115, 9.6 #, 43" x 57" x 1.5" in the GM box. If you want it overboxed, I have one at 59 x 47 x 4 1/2 and the weight is 18#. By the way, neither box will fit in my car so it will have to be picked up (UPS told me that was an additional $15).


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please put me next in line....will offer $250 for you to put it in other box and have it shipped ups...I calculated 18.55 shipped to my address in ny 10306. thanks vinny