not sure how to get this directly to Razor

grand camino

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Nov 29, 2012
Will take input on the subject from anyone!
Not sure if I am being lazy (maybe), there is a plethora of info on here, or I am pressed for time. Add in brand new to this scene= I have a SIMPLE question for the man that looks to be the guru on the subject.(Razor) What to fill my alky inject with. Got the car from a widow, so not sure what husband was running in it. Saw a post of yours that said stay consistent. With that it is a roll of the dice. Looked like their was a little bit of "blue" liquid left in the reservoir. I wound up throwing in some isopropyl alcohol just to get the car home. I read as well that you want to stay away from anything with ethylene glycol,correct? I picked up this windshield washer fluid with only ingredient on the label being Methyl Alcohol then the numbers 57-56-1. Looked up MSDS on line but nothing more from that. says it cleans and deices down to -20F. Obvious question can I use it? Maybe not such a simple question. Company is camco product Xtreme blue. cost $2.19 a gallon. only phone number I can come up with is an emergency number for poisoning cases. Thanks for any help. Anyone in VB area that has a reliable supplier or go to place please send info.
I would get the pump rebuilt if it was me. not worth killing teh motor on a unsure history of whats been ran through the pump.