Nozzle install ?


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May 25, 2001
I installed my nozzle today on my TB pipe. How tight should the fitting be ? I can still see a few threads when I look inside the pipe and the washer has not taken the full shape of the inside of pipe . The fitting is tight and I used JB Weld . Does the jet have to be fully seated in the fitting in order for it to work right ? Thanks.
I have 2 installed as you have, can't get really tight. JB weld works but be carefull when tightening all connections (ones to nozzle first). I have to re-weld 1 nozzle this year as it dosen't stick to well.
I bought a thinner stainless washer at the hardware store and hit it with a steel pipe to get a slight bend in it. I used it inside the up-pipe instead of the washer that came with the kit. It was pretty tight when everything was tightened down. I still put JB weld on the outside and formed it after wetting my fingers. Looks pretty good and seems to work fine.
Steve sent me a nozzle for the intake pipe. Has he changed the design of the install? Is the nozzle now vertical rather than horizontal and pointed at the throttle body? Jace
Forget the ? I went to his website and noticed the picture of the kit. DOH...................