Nuts and bolts question

Sal Lubrano

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Apr 26, 2002
I need to replace a bolts on the GN.. Originally the car had the black finsh bolts (not sure of the coating. Would it be ok to replace them with the zinc coated? Is one better than the other?
I've been buying some shiney, cadmium coated, grade 8 bolts for mine. The hardness is more important than the finish. you don't want anything shearing on these puppies at WOT. ;) The harder, plated bolts don't rust as quickly either(if you live in a salty climate).
Well, then it's kind of hard to help. Coating, platings, etc. serve many purposes, including corrosion resistance, cosmetics, and more.

If you want to get educated on the various types of coatings used in automotive fasteners I suggest you contact AUVECO and ask them for the name of a distributor, who may be kind enough to put you onto a catalog, where there is a good rundown on this sort of thing.

If you'd like suggestions on specific fasteners to replace OEM TR fasteners, I can look them up in my AUVECO catalog and provide AUVECO part numbers. This usually goes pretty well - AUVECO has an extensive line.

Good luck.

You're very welcome. I took my 2nd GN apart and had to replace lots of fasteners, so I've been through this in spades. AUVECO (among others) is an excellent resource - they have lots of stuff referenced to OEM part numbers and otherwise that is an EXACT match to TR original fasteners...

ARP makes some very nice bolts and nuts and even have kits for our cars. Replaced all bolts that I removed from the top end when I did HG's with ARP's to give it a cleaner look. Can even get them in black oxide finish or Chrome plated.