NYC property tax.


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Jul 8, 2005
So, apparently NYC has been under valuing white (i.e. Trump's) property tax appraisals while over appraising minority property tax values. I'm not sure but it seems like I heard somewhere that using inaccurate appraisals to secure favorable monetary benefits is considered a felony in NY. :oops::whistle:

I wonder how much their bond is going to be? :rolleyes:

New York Post:

New York City has been ordered to overhaul its tax system in a landmark ruling by the state’s highest court after black property owners claimed the process favors their counterparts in whiter affluent areas.

“After decades of avoiding responsibility to fix a universally acknowledged problem and a seven-year legal battle, city and state leaders will be required to create a property tax system that is equitable and just for millions of renters and homeowners in lower-income and minority communities,” said Martha Stark, policy director for Tax Equity Now New York, TENNY, the group that filed the lawsuit, in a statement after Tuesday’s ruling.

The plaintiffs argued that the city’s assessment process — which helps determine a property owner’s taxes — discriminates against minorities by unfairly jacking up their property values for tax purposes.

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