O2 readings??


It's just a V6 Brick.....
I was under the impression that at wide open throttle on a scan master with c16 in the car, the lowest o2 readings you want are somewhere between 750-770, that was before i knew the scan master 2 actually shows you ur lowest o2's and not ur highest!:eek: So, would u actually want your o2 numbers to be lower, say in the 600's or lower at wot since you could be up in the mid to high 800's(running to rich) on if ur lowest reading at wot(which the scan master 2 shows) are 750-770?(since the scan master only shows ur lowest o2, u could be rich all through the run either on the top end or on the low end) Is the ideal for the car to be at 750-770 all the way through the gears or only at wot in third gear? Need some help here guys, just got my scan master and im trying to learn how to tune the car.

Never, never tune to get a particular oem O2 voltage.
Tune for best performance, and you might consider *that* voltage as a reference.

I was at 830mv and thought I was kinda safe, Hahahaha, hooked a WB O2 to it and found out I was at 12.8 AFR. Richened it up to 11.6, and the car is much faster now.
A side effect was that it dropped the EGT, and I was able to crank the boost up even more (22 PSI on pump gas, and no trace of detonation).